Consumer Behavior: 
Transportation between France 
and the UK via the Eurotunnel.

For one of their clients in the transportation industry, a top-tier consulting firm needed to launch a study, aimed to reach 150 UK residents who traveled between England and France. Read the case study.

Cover Case Study Potloc Consumer Behaviour Transportation Between France and the UK via the Eurotunnel Consuilting Firms B2C-1

In this case study you'll learn:

  • The challenges consultants were facing when trying to reach a very niche B2B population in order to build both a user and a non-user profile for their client.
  • Key results for this study: Fast, targeted, across 2 countries, delivered on record time.
  • How, through sampling on social networks, Potloc was able to get survey respondents to help consultants paint a clear picture of user behavior and preferences.
  • How Potloc helped consultants understand non-users with precise targeting and survey quotas, and surpassed the required number of respondents.

Read the Case Study